Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 4th Photos

I got some really pretty fireworks photos this year.  This first one is a composite of several photos – kind of cool isn’t it.  Makes it look like they were all going off at once.  Enjoy my photos.v2-4947

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hello Again

I am not finding time to write on my blog and I am not finding time to sew this summer.  Every summer is like this it seems so I shouldn’t be surprised.   Rather than give you a long list why I have no time, suffice it to say garden, guests and grandkids are a few...Oh and reunions.

I have been taking photos and will try to tell my summer story though pictures instead of long narratives.  First off a family reunion – family members were asked to bring something to auction off to raise some seed money for the next reunion.  We could bring something we made or something from the area we where we live.  I brought a miniature quilt which my aunt purchased.  We all had fun bidding against each other and some real bidding wars took place.  One of my brothers wanted the miniature I made and bid my aunt up but he told me he looked in her eyes and knew she was not going to quit so he let her have it.  I am pleased my aunt got my quilt as she is a quilter herself and always likes to see what I have made so I know it went to a good home.  Told my brother I could make him another one sometime so not to feel to deprived.IMG_4897I had the quilt pieced and sitting in my UFO box for a while so pulled it out to finish for this auction.IMG_4011Backing fabric and chalked quilting lines….ready to quilt.  Detail photos after quilting.  Yellow strip is a 1/8” flange.
Finished quilt.
IMG_4790The whole group lined up for the photo which was a major feat in itself.  There were quite a few cousins that couldn’t make it and our children and grandchildren didn’t make it but my mother’s living siblings all were there and they had a wonderful time visiting since they don’t see each much anymore since they are getting older now and most live too far apart.  Relatives came from across the country – Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Maryland, Wyoming, and Missouri.  Great fun and great memories.IMG_4863

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independance Day

Happy 4th of July to all you Americans out there.  We will be celebrating with a pot luck dinner at friends and watching fireworks this evening.



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