Friday, August 2, 2013

Miniature Size

I have had a few questions about size of this miniature whole cloth quilt I am making so just snapped a photo with a ruler laying on top of it to give you all a better idea of size.  As you can see the feathers are about 1/8" across.  I use my stitch regulator (BSR) on my Bernina machine and sew slowly but can't sew too slow or the machine stops.  The finished quilt will be approximately 12" x 12".


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Quilting A Miniature

Even though I have not posted on my blog for a while I am still here, just too busy to sit down and write up a post.  I have not done much quilting this summer but am now working on finishing a miniature silk whole cloth quilt for the Nebraska State Fair.  The entry forms need to be filled out by mid-week next week and quilts delivered the week after so it is crunch time.

I have had the design part done since last winter but just never have taken the time to do the background fillers until is that for last minute sewing?  I am outlining the motifs with three rows of echo stitching then filling in the center with what I call coiled string all with purple silk thread.  Will show closer views later when I have time to get more photos.  I just snapped this one with my cell phone this morning before I started working on it again.

The silk fabric is more purple than this photo shows and the design area is quilted in bright pink thread and the background is quilted in purple silk thread.  The batting is wool so that is why it looks so distorted right now.  I really have to pin it down good right before I quilt an area so it won't quilt in pleats but like the wool as it puffs up my tiny feathers.

All for now - Lynn


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