Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ankle Surgery

The surgery went well yesterday on my ankle and I made it home by 8 pm.  It felt good to sleep in my own bed.  Didn't get into surgery until 1:30 for the two hour procedure so the morning really dragged.  I was getting a little nervous waiting but kept it in check and John helped by keeping me busy talking about all kinds of things as we waited.

The Dr. fixed the bones and only had to make one incision on the outside of my ankle instead of the two he thought he might have to make.  The displaced broken leg bone on the inside of my leg slipped back into place so he didn't have to make an incision.  I do have a plate and 8 screws in my ankle now though.  These will have to come out in 12 weeks.

I was worried about nausea from the anesthetic and a long wake up time like I usually have from being anesthetized.  I was given 3-4 kinds of anti-nausea meds before surgery and that must have done the trick as I didn't have any nausea and what ever kind of anesthetic they gave me worked good and I woke up in a normal amt. of time instead of the 4-5 hours it usually takes me to not be groggy.

I am to spend the first 2 days with my foot elevated with ice then will be able to put it down to do a few things.  I will still have to elevate is some every day for a while though.

The Dr. came in to visit with me before the surgery and I asked him about going to our state quilt convention (QuiltNebraska or QNE) coming up the 22 of July.  I wanted his advice on how I should be feeling in 3 1/2 weeks and if I should even consider it.  I was thrilled to hear that he thought I would be up and around on my knee walker and could sure plan on going.  I was thrilled to hear that as I had been worried I would not be able to go this year.

I had not signed up for any sewing machine classes so that is in my favor too - no sewing machine to lug around.  The gals I normally room with at QuiltNebraska have a room reserved on the 2nd floor and I know I won't be able to go up and down those long flights of stairs so contacted a gal I knew had a room on the 1st floor.  She hasn't any other roommates and graciously is letting me bunk with her.  A local friend that is going out to convention has volunteered to pick me up and another friend shopping today called and is getting the supplies I need for my classes.  I feel really blessed by such good friends.

Next thing I will have to decide is what I can take to wear that will be able to fit over my cast.  I do have a couple of skirts but prefer crop pants if I have any that the legs are wide enough to go over the cast.  

Feel another nap coming on so will close now.  Maybe I can find that small quilt and get to quilting on it.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Whats new with Me

I didn't post any new blog entries for quite some time as I had not even had time to get to my machine since mid-May.  I was busy doing yard and garden work and we had several times with overnight guests so with all that I just didn't take time to blog.  The longer it went with out blogging the harder it has been to sit down and write something.

Last week was the Pony Express re-ride through our area.  The mail is carried on horseback the entire way and is re-enacted each year.  This is the 150th anniversary of the original ride from Sacramento, CA  to Saint Joe, Missouri and my husband is the trail captain of a 43 mile stretch.  To find out more about the Pony Express and the re-ride check out this web page.

Anyway, back to the re-ride...John's group of riders were to pick up the mail south of Hastings, NE at 5 am Monday morning and it is an hour drive from here so we were to leave at 4 am with the horses.  I was riding along with the group (in the pickup not on horseback) and was on my way out of the house with an arm load of stuff to load in the pickup and several other riders were here loading their horses into our trailer as they like to buddy up so everyone doesn't have to drive a horse trailer the whole way.

Well, you might have guessed what happened next but will tell you in case you don't know how klutzy I am.  As I was going down the 4 steps of our deck for some reason I only walked down 3 steps instead of the 4 that were on the deck.  I fell with my arms still full of things and managed to injure myself. 

After seeing the first Dr. and having my right ankle x-rayed I found out both of the bones of my leg were broken just above my ankle, one of the ankle bones was broken and a ligament was torn and several more ligaments that were messed up.  I saw an orthopedist the next morning and he put me in a hard splint like thing and ordered me home to keep my leg elevated and iced until this coming Monday the 28th when he will do surgery on it.

The Dr. says he had to have the swelling go down before surgery so that is why the time with the ice and elevation.  I will have at least one screw in it and will have a couple of casts on the next month then a compression boot for 2 -4 weeks after that.  I won't be able to start putting weight on it for almost 2 months.  This will be a long recovery time for sure.

Needless to say I am a little depressed about the whole situation.  I am sure I will get stronger and will be able to do some sewing later when I feel better but think that not being able to drive until probably next fall is what is really getting me down.  OK, enough of the whining....will just take this recovery one day at a time.

Here is a photo my granddaughter took of my yesterday and as you can see I can still use my laptop and will try to keep in touch.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time Flies When You Are Busy

I really don't know where the time went since I posted last but do know have not had much time to myself.  It is always hectic getting gardens planted, mowing done, cleaning house for Memorial Day company plus am still doing physical therapy for my shoulder once a week and the exercises at home several times a day.

I love having a large yard and multiple flower beds but they do take a lot of work to keep the weeds out and the flowers planted and tended each year.  I am trying to get more perennials and bushes planted each year so I will have less of the planting to do as the years go by. 

Ok, enough of the excuses for not blogging or reading my favorite blogs and on to a more interesting subject.

We had our last quilt guild meeting the third Thursday in May.  It was a great evening starting out with a pot luck supper with so much good food.  The auction was really a lot of fun too.  Since the tickets were so inexpensive there was a lot of good natured fun stuffing some of the bags with many chances to win. 

I was the winner of this quilt top made by one of our guild members.  I love it but want your opinions on what I should do about the one chicken in the upper right.  Her beak doesn't show since it is made of a beige fabric and blends into the background.  How or what should I do to make it show up?  Will quilting do it?  All the beaks are made of the same fabric.

Have not had time to do any sewing or quilting since I finished the Amish quilt so am anxious to do something soon.  I did get to supervise one granddaughter with sewing her 4-H project.  She made a pillowcase and was so proud of the good job she did.  I was really proud of her too as she stuck to it and finished it in one afternoon.

Time for bed now but will try to post more frequently from now on so you don't forget me.



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