Monday, November 11, 2013

Links List #3 for Quilters

I hope I am giving you enough time to check out the links on the last two lists I posted (Links List #1 and Links List #2.)
MH900407518 do search in box to find many free images
 I did take a quick look at all the links below to make sure they were working.  At this point in time they are all live links that lead to wonderful webpages for you to explore.  Posting these links for you all has also reminded me of a few good ideas that I had forgotten, projects I wanted to make, techniques I wanted to try and lots and lots of beautiful quilts to look at.
Sewing Supplies
Just to remind you... I gather links to send to my guild newsletter editor to publish in our guild newsletter each month.  I stockpile the links until I get enough to send to her and have had these lists here on my computer for a couple of years now so why not share them with a lager audience.  Please enjoy this latest list.  good resource for finding new & interesting color schemes tips for ergonomic knitting (would be good for sewing too) making a rod pocket for your quilt city tote tutorial double needle sewing tips crayon quilt tips zippered tote conversion triple-zip pouch tutorial turban twisted scarf tie crown sinnet knot-good for small bag strap ten creative bag ideas make non slip ruler flower pot block Kaffe fusion Blanket tutorial free quilt patterns 3rd Christmas sampler 2nd Christmas sampler-embroidery 1st Christmas sampler free embroidery patterns sisters embroidery pattern Delectable Stars Quilt Pattern bunny embroidery Easter embroidery cat stitchery Teddy and Sewing basket pattern-embroidery basting quilt tutorial prep. shirts for Tee Shirt Quilt Harvest Placemats many ways of making half square triangles quilt as you go tutorial compass block collection patterns Country Cottages quilt block collection inkjet printing of fabric tips for cleaning your iron flying geese tutorial, video and combo units tutorial fusible web, fusible thread , texture magic videos Expo video advice, question/answer...Quilter's Message Board Quilting Daily free tutorials Piping Hot Binding part 1 Piping Hot Binding part 2 Potluck bowl cover pattern/tutorial check out the many YouTube vidoes by APQS longarm machine - lots of quilting designs/techniques can be stitched with a domestic machine Modern Chevron Baby Quilt
MH900160592 do search in box to find many free images
Have fun exploring the links….until later,

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Houston On My Mind

Every fall I look forward to reading about and seeing photos from the International Quilt Association quilt show in Houston.  Some year I will go but until then I enjoy the photos I glean from the internet. imageHere is the webpage of the winners of the International Quilt Association contest.  Make sure to click on each quilt photo as it will open up to a larger photo.imageAnother website with great photos is Pam Holland’s blog “Pam Holland Designs”.  She is a wonderful quilter and photographer and has taken great photos of quilts that struck her fancy.  The close up photos are wonderful as you can see the quilting designs and intricate piecing and applique in the quilts.  Make sure you scroll down to read and look at all the blog posts about Houston as she has several posts full of beautiful quilts for your enjoyment.  Her posts about the 2013 show start on October 27, 2013.

Now I was on a roll to see what other photos I could find and here is a list of webpages that have more photos of the quilts or activities that went on during the show.  Each website has a few different ones that they show so it is well worth checking all of them out.
The Snarky Quilter October 31, 2013
Kevin the Quilter November 3, 2012
Quilt Inspiration starting October 31, 2013
Vimo slide show by Alexandra Alcantara
QN Blog October 28, 2012
Country Log Cabin starting November 5, 2013
Punch and Judy “Judy’s Blog” starting October 27, 2013
And of course I can not forget my long distance friend from Romania – Geta Grama and her group of friends that won a 3rd place award for their amazing quilt pictured here on her blog Geta’s Quilting Studio. (October 30, 2013)

If you have other links to good photos of the 2013 show in Houston just let me know and I will add them to my list of links.

Until Later,

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Computer Woes

What is a girl to do when her computers get sick but take them to the Dr.  The dreaded blue screen with lots of writing and numbers froze my desktop computer up several times last week so I took it to my friendly and very young computer fix it guys.  I am getting older by the minute and those kids are getting younger but they sure know what they are doing.  It is ready to be picked up this week but will be leaving my laptop for the same job as it has the same symptoms.  Sad smile
computer-problem-152211_640I am so glad we purchased the insurance to cover “Geek Squad” fix it jobs when we got these last two computers.  It has been used more than once and has more than paid for itself.  Will never buy another computer without it as those nasty computer viruses, worms or junk can get in no matter how careful you are even with the purchased virus control programs.  I can take the computers in every few months to have them cleaned of unwanted junk too and that sure makes the computer work faster.

By the way the graphics above were all free domain graphics from Pixabay but I did combine 4 different ones for the top graphic.  I used my Photoshop Elements 11 program and added those virus bugs and worms to the computer graphic and saved it to use here.  Kind of cute isn’t it?

Until Later,

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sketchbook Quilting–Triangles

full-pageAnother page from my quilting design sketchbook.  This is the same stitching sequence as the background stitching I did on the whole cloth miniatures only this is stitched in the shape of triangles.  You can find the step outs for the miniature background quilting I call Ripples here on my October 4 2013 post.DesignAs you can see the design is stitched continuously in rows.  I don’t think you have to have your rows all the same or the triangles the same but try to nest them together somewhat.  If you are not planning to make them all identical, deliberately make them different from each other so it doesn’t look like you made a mistake.  You can make some wider, some taller, some tilted one direction or another, etc.  The more varied the size/angle it will be apparent to the viewer that you intended for them to be different from each other and no one triangle shape will stand out from the rest.Step-1Same as before you stitch to the center leaving a wide space then stitch out between the rows.  The trick is to learn to keep the space the same all the way to the inside so when you stitch out the spaces will be the same.Step-2When one motif is finished just start another.  You can put as many rounds on each triangle as you wish – no rules.

One tip for stitching these triangles.  If you pause just a bit when you are going to change directions you will get a sharper corner.  If you go too fast when you change directions the top and bottom thread tend to pull across the corner.  I tell you this from experience but practice on your machine to see what timing you need to turn a corner.

Happy Quilting,


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