Friday, January 16, 2009

Handy Helper

You may have noticed on previous blog photos of my machine, a colorful thing covering the screw that tightens or loosens the needle. Any guesses as to what it is?
I'm not making you wait long for the answer...a replaceable pencil eraser. The eraser is modified to fit over the screw on the machine. It is so much easier to grip to tighten and loosen that pesky screw. Sometimes I swear my husband put it on and gives it an extra turn. (Know that isn't true though as I doubt if he even knows where, how or when to change a sewing machine needle!)
Take an X-Acto knife or sharp scissors and cut some of the tip off.
Next cut part of the end off that is supposed to go over the pencil. You want enough left to cover the screw but not too long a piece that it interferes with the needle bar. On my machine I leave about 1/4".
Here is one eraser with both ends cut...just toss the end pieces unless you can find a good use for them.
This is what the machine needle bar looks like without the eraser on the needle screw.
This last photo shows the cut and trimmed eraser placed on the needle screw ready to use. Sure saves my hands when I am trying to get a tight screw loose to change the needle.
I have handed them out to all my friends and they love them as much as I do. I bought a package of 100 for $1 so they are very inexpensive too. I keep it on the screw all the time so it is there when I need it.
PS...Got this idea from the Yahoo chat list that I belong to. Have learned some new things about my 730 even though most of the chatting is about using the embroidery features on these machines. I didn't get the embroidery module for my machine as I am really not interested in doing it myself but love to see what others do.
Happy Quilting


Elaine Adair said...

Great tip! Those DHs really LOVE to tighten things tooooo tight, don't they?

quilton said...

I just read about your blog on Angie's. Thanks for the tip. The next time I'm out, I'm picking up some of those erasers and putting them on all my sewing machines.


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