Saturday, October 19, 2013

Links List #1 for Quilters

color-chain-links-long-hiI was the newsletter editor for my local guild for a few years and shared several links to websites each month that might be interesting to the members.  When I gave up that job to another member she asked me if I could supply her with a list so she could continue to add that to the newsletter.  She didn’t feel she had time to find them or the sources to find them.  I readily agreed as I had gotten into the habit of bookmarking them by then and had a backlog that I had never used.  I have continued to collect links and send them on to her periodically so have amassed a great number of links over a few years.imageI have decided to share my lists with you here on my blog and to also have a place I can always go to find them myself.  I have not checked the viability of each of the links recently so if there is a dead link I can do nothing about it but hopefully there won’t be too many of those.  I have a short description for each of the links that I added for the benefit of the newsletter gal but kept here also so hopefully it will help you decide if you want to click on that link or not.imageI have included a variety of subjects with these links – quilting, quilting tools, bags/purses, other sewing projects, quilt show photos, etc.  Please have fun discovering some new interesting things.  image quilt quizzes one page of many on The Quilt Show of free information/videos, etc. free quilt patterns video - rulers for the sit down machine quilter Fabric Stash paper pieced block tips to photograph quilts variety of info about quilts images, exhibits, museums, etc. tutorial to make box bag lined snap tape purse tutorial listing of fiber and fabric shops video tutorials Machine quilting in the 19th Century dealing with thread tails when machine quilting search and submit fabric you are searching for making posy pins tutorial for making Mary's Triangles Meadow Breeze quilt read many quilting forum sections or join and ask questions donate or bid and buy a quilt to support Alzheimer's research 2012 Road to California winners free apron patterns Christmas Quilt Blocks and Patterns free quilt patterns Free quilt patterns Pinwheel quilt pattern free quilt patterns from Carol Doak free quilt patterns from Jinny Beyer luggage handle cover tutorial contests and mystery quilts Valor quilt pattern Star of the Garden quilt pattern webpage block of the month website block of the month site quilted mit pot holders free projects and tutorials free block of the month projects free block patterns - more fabric candy dishimageThe quilt illustrations above were all from my PrintMaster Gold 18 program.  I do find it hard to find copy free clipart on the web these days so if you have a source please let me know.  I like to add pictures or clipart to my blog posts and when I don’t have actual photos of my own I like to add interest with free to download clipart.  On that same note please send me links and the name of favorite websites and I can share them with my guild and here on my blog.  I will not just click on the links you send though as there are so many spammers out there and you can't be too careful.  Please include the name of the blog or website so I can Google it and find the page myself to verify the link before I click on it.

You have my permission to copy my list and my short descriptions and publish them on your newsletters/web page/blog, etc. but if you use my lists I would appreciate it if you could direct your readers here to my blog Nebraska Views  ( as I love getting new readers!

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Geta Grama said...

Thank you, Lynn. Happy to discover new quilting resources.


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