Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nebraska State Quilt Guild 2015 Challenge–My Block

Three friends and I decided to participate in the Nebraska State Quilt Guild quilt challenge for 2015.  The rules go like this…..It is a round robin challenge with a team of 4-5 quilters of your choice.  Each quilt will start with a 9” finished center block.  You will build around the center block using borders with the following shapes—pinwheels, circles, diamonds, applique, and some embellishment.  The front of the quilt must have at least one of each shape listed but you may use more of these shapes if you wish.  Each quilt cannot exceed 120 total inches around.  It must be quilted, bound and a label sewn on the back.IMG_2201This is the block I chose to make of batik fabrics.  When I first pieced it I had not planned to add the half circles.  It was so plain looking that I decided to use the Bernina Circle Maker attachment to help make the circles and to do the embroidery stitches I chose from the machine’s menu. IMG_2205As you can see the circle is larger than just a half circle.  You can probably figure out that it had to be larger if I wanted it stitched into the next border and still be a half circle.  There is 1/4” seam allowed on the circle so I stitched out about 3/4 of a circle and trimmed it down to fit.  I first did a straight stitch on the circle fabric then removed it from the machine,  I cut a water dissolving paper like interfacing circle to the inside of that stitching and cut a seam allowance outside of that shape.  Edges were turned under and glued.  I glued it to the finished block with a glue stick.  It was easy to reposition the circle on the Bernina Circle maker as I made sure to preserve the center hole.  Three rows of stitching later and the half circles were all done.  To remove the paper interfacing I will wait and wash the block when I get it done and it will just dissipate into fibers and not be a problem anymore.

I sent it on it’s way to the next person and will be awaiting it’s return to see what my friends did with it.

Until later,

Monday, January 26, 2015

Treadmill Distraction

IMG_2888I am not one of those people who love to walk on the treadmill, I need some type of distraction or I go nuts trying to make myself walk.  I constantly am checking to see how far I have I’ve walked and how much time has elapsed, counting down so I can stop for the day.  I discovered  a year or so ago that my laptop computer sits very well on the ledge behind the controls and I could walk and watch videos. It helped to distract me from the actual walking time/distance as I would get focused on the video not realize how long or how far I had walked.IMG_2891I decided to subscribe to The Quilt Show a few weeks ago and that is a wonderful distraction for me now.  I am not letting myself watch it unless I am on the treadmill.  How is that for incentive to walk?  I had resisted subscribing for a long time but since I don’t subscribe to any quilt magazines anymore I decided it wouldn’t be anymore expensive than a regular magazine subscription so went for it.  I have learned lots and have thoroughly enjoyed the programs and extras I have watched so far.IMG_2893Here is my view as I walk the miles away.  You see I have more than The Quilt Show to watch.  This photo was taken a few weeks ago when we still had snow on the ground and our cows were in the field across the highway.  Love watching them as they graze. They take a bite, chew, walk a step, take a bite, chew and walk another step....back and forth across the field.  Once in a while one gets behind the others a ways and runs to catch up as if they might just miss something.IMG_2895The shows have been very interesting and I am really glad I subscribed.  There is so much information to be gleaned from from this website I am glad I am a Quilt Show member and recommend it as a good buy and worth the price.

Until Later,

Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekends...Filled to the Brim!

When a person thinks of weekends they usually think of the words “relaxing, hanging around at home, being lazy…words like those right?  You also may think along the terms of entertainment.  Now that the league teams for basketball and volleyball have started for our four grandchildren we are driving to watch them play in tournaments - our weekend entertainment.  Three are in basketball leagues and one in volleyball.  This past weekend we watched 5 different basketball games with 3 grandkids participating in 3 different towns.  Two of the towns were close together but still an hour from where we live and the other town is 2 1/2 hours from here.IMG_2953I won’t point out which children are my grandchildren to protect their privacy but the above photo is of the youngest and his team of 3rd graders  (age 8 and 9.)  They were so darned cute and when there was a loose ball you would have thought it was a football game the way they all piled on.  The hoop was lowered some from the standard height but it was still a lot taller than they were.IMG_2907This a photo of the little ones brother playing with his team.  The 5th and 6th grade (10-11 yr old) boys have a lot more skill to be sure than the little ones.  Watched two games from this team.IMG_2993This granddaughter’s games (8th grade 13 -14 yr olds) were 2 1/2 hours from our home and the last game started at 7.  We were so tired when we got home but really enjoyed watching two of her games.

Now if you have been counting you figured out we watched 5 basketball games in 2 days.  Two were on Saturday and 3 were on Sunday.  The Sunday games were interesting as we had to drive an hour to get to the first game and when it was over we got back in our car and drove about an hour and a half more to get to the last two games.  With going to church first on Sunday morning we were occupied all day and by the time we drove home we were pooped!  We both were having trouble staying awake on the drive and John was driving, yikes!.  I tried to be entertaining and think of things to talk about to help keep him going the last few miles but we both breathed a sigh of relief when we pulled into the driveway to our home.

We really enjoy watching them play in the games but getting to stay home all day the day after and not have any plans to drive anywhere was lovely!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quilters Coffee or Tea Cup

2015-01-06-09.14I just had to show you the new cup that I got for Christmas.  It is a regular coffee/tea mug, you just can’t see the handle as the printing is on the opposite side of the handle.  Most cups have the designs on the sides so this one is a little different that way.  I can’t wait to take it to quilt guild to show it off.

In our quilt guild we encourage members to bring their own cup or glass to meetings for their drink as it sure saves on the use of Styrofoam or paper cups.  The hostesses bring a few disposable cups for guests but everyone else brings their own.2015-01-14-14.10I even have a little padded drawstring bag to carry my cup that a friend gave me many, many years ago. I use it every meeting too so it has gotten a lot of use and protects the cup a bit in the tote bag that I carry to guild and also protects the other things I carry in the tote from the cup or any left over drips.  If I were making one now I would make it just a tad deeper so I could pull the drawstrings to completely cover the cup handle but this works and I have no plans to get rid of it.  It has been laundered lots of times over the years and has held up well.

After I typed in the words “many, many years” indicating how long I have had the little drawstring bag, I decided to look it up as I was curious since I didn’t remember.  It was given to me by a retiring Nebraska State Quilt Guild President as a gift for serving on a committee during her year as president and I have all the old NSQG newsletters so it was just a matter of looking through the first few years of the guild until I found the date.  She served in 1990 so it really was many, many years ago…actually I could probably call it an antique by now and looking at the fabric she made it from you can date it a bit that way too.  All I know is I love it and use it monthly and think of Lois every time.

Until later,


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