Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bed Turning - China Luncheon

The China Luncheon-Bed Turning is now history for another year. The weather cooperated that day and it was beautiful outside. The guild members outdid themselves with their tables. They were all so beautiful.

This is what my table looked like all set up. I made 3 smaller stars that I hung from the branches of a white tree (wired on clear beads to the ends of the branches). The tree is sitting inside shallow bowl stacked on another bowl that is upside down on the table. The larger stars I made as hostess gifts are scattered around the center of the table. I used those flat marbles in my bowl and on the table plus a few sparkly stars and some ribbon woven through and around the larger stars. I used the original fabric I had purchased and scanned for the designs on my stars as napkins. The table was set with the Fostoria Crystal that my mother in law gave us. All in all it was rather pretty. The name of my table was "Catch a Falling Star."

The second photo is the table with my guests sitting around it before the luncheon started.
These next photos are of some other tables. We had various themes from Christmas, Valentines Day, Angels, Circus, to name a few.

This last photo shows the bed on the stage and the members lifting the quilt and showing it to the audience as the narrator tells about it. The quilts that were shown were stacked on top of the bed and lifted off in order, the narration paper unpinned and handed to the reader. The bed was kind of a fake. We used an old iron headboard that my husband made feet for so it would stand up by itself. We then used two long tables as the "bed". It had a dust ruffle taped to the bottom edge and a quilt that would stay on it after the last show quilt was lifted off. Pretty ingenious don't you think? The first year we had the bed turning we decided we didn't want to haul a mattress and box springs so figured out that the tables would substitute nicely.

Happy Quilting - Lynn

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