Monday, June 9, 2008

Cecropia Moth

This is a photo of a Cecropia Moth that John found on the north side of his shop on Saturday afternoon. He picked it up and it was just sitting on his finger for sometime before it flew away, guess it wanted it's picture taken. It is a huge moth as you can see from the photo. I read on the Internet they don't have mouths and only live 7 to 10 days after they come out of their cocoons and they are mostly flying around at night.

This second photo was taken also on Sat. evening. We had a small shower before we headed down to one of our pastures to check on the cows. While there a partial rainbow appeared just above these cattle on the hill. The light was getting dim but I did capture the pretty colors and the cattle.

Yesterday I was really lazy and read in the afternoon plus took a little nap. I usually read a few pages each night before I go to bed so it takes me a while to complete a book but I do like to read and miss it if I can't read some each day. This book is very good and is about a leprosy colony on an island in Crete set before, during WWII and after the war. The book is called "The Island" by Victoria Hislop.


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