Friday, December 9, 2011

Small Necktie Bag #2

Today I show you the second small bag I made from 2 neckties this time.  I got the pattern for this bag from the blog Stitch Beautifully…Tread Lightly on September 26, 2008.

This bag is also very quick and easy to make.  Choose two coordinating neckties that are the same size.  I stitched the area where the two overlap with a fancier type of stitch on my machine.  The ties are folded in half and side seams are straight stitched closed.  For this bag I am tying a square knot in the two small ends.  This bag is a little larger than the one necktie bag but is still pretty darn cute.  This only took a few minutes to make so would also qualify as a quick gift too.
I have decided I just might be the family repository for stuff they don't wear anymore.  I collect their old worn out jeans and have a bag full of neckties that either went out of style or they didn't like anymore.  It all takes  room to store but I have a ready supply when the mood hits me.  I love looking at all the old ties in my stash.  Some are quite beautiful and some are just plain UGLY.  Those will take more thinking to use but maybe someday the ugly will grow on me.  Either way it is nice to have them even if I have to store them.

Happy Bag Making,

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