Saturday, May 12, 2012


I planted my amaryllis bulbs in my flower beds last summer then dug them up and put them in the garage for the winter.  I usually pot them up in January or February so I can have blooms in the late winter but forgot about then until the first of April.  I have two bulbs, one that bloomed last year and is the first one to bloom this year.  It is peach colored and the blooms are larger than one of my hands with my fingers spread as wide as I can.  The blooms are huge and so beautiful!IMG_7826
The flower stems came up so fast and is so pretty blooming sitting in my family room window.  This photo shows only two of the blossoms open but now there are 4 open with another one to go, all on this one stem.IMG_7823This amaryllis flower stem is probably 2 feet tall and even though it is planted in a heavy pot the stem was really leaning over.  It was leaning about 45 degrees and was threatening to un-pot itself.  I first backed a chair up to it gently keeping it in an upright position.  Of course the chair blocked the view so had to figure out something else.IMG_7828My solution was to tie a length of yarn to the window screen clasps.  So far that is working for this one.  The other isn’t nearly as tall but not bloom quite yet either so will watch it for leaning problems too.  You can see the replacement heifer pen in the background across the driveway.  (These are heifers that are 1 year old and will become cows next year and are called replacement heifers as they will replace old cows that John will cull from the herd.)  They have to be kept in a different pen than the cows that are having calves as they still remember nursing and will find their mothers and try nursing, often succeeding, robbing milk that is needed by the new calf.IMG_7820
This is the other amaryllis that is getting close to blooming.  Last year the bulb that I bought didn’t bloom and was supposed to have a red flower  so I am wondering if it will be red or another peach one.  Time will tell.  I hope it is blooming by the time I go to Paducah.

(As you can tell I wrote this before I left for Paducah and forgot to post it.  Yes, they both bloomed before I left  and were exactly the same color.  Drats!  As I am writing this both bulbs shot up another flower stalk and are ready to bloom again.  I will have to look for a red one when they go on sale near Christmas this year.)
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