Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Machine Quilting With Bottom Line Thread

This is the first of many more blog posts on quilting the samples using all kinds of thread.  If you remember last June and July, I posted several quilted samples each featuring a different thread – or if you were not reading then or don’t remember just click on the links and scroll down to see and read about the threads I used on those samples. IMG_2136This is a cone of Bottom Line thread by Superior Threads.  It is a 100% polyester 60 wt. thread.  I use this thread almost exclusively in the bobbin when I machine quilt.  There are a few exceptions but I really like this thread on the back of my quilts since it is a fine thread and blends well with most fabrics plus seems to keep a balanced tension with all different weights of top thread.  On this sample I also used it as the top thread.IMG_2134The thread really did quilt nicely and since it is a fine thread the quilting can be quite heavy without thread buildup.  The backtracking I did on the feathers and bubbles was not distracting like it can be sometimes with heavier threads.

This sample had Mountain Mist White Rose 100% cotton batting and it was a great batting to machine quilt through.  Other stats from this sample – Size 12 Topstitch needle, 3.0 tension and I shortened the stitch length to 1.9 on my Bernina machine.  This thread can purchased on regular sized spools or the large cones. Even though it is a fine thread it is strong so you don't have to worry about the thread breaking.  I seem to use this color a lot so the last time I purchased it I just got a large cone. (color 617)

The first time I used this thread in the bobbin I was a little nervous as the top thread I had chosen was a heavier thread.  I was amazed at how good the tension was and how easy it was to quilt with.  Now as I said earlier, I use this most of the time for the bobbin but it works great as a top thread too.

Don’t you love it that now all kinds of threads can and are being used to machine quilt?  In the past it was a no, no to quilt with anything but cotton thread and now anything goes - YAY!

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