Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cold, Colder, Coldest

The temperature lately has been horribly cold outside.  When the morning starts out with the temperature in the minus numbers you know it is frigid.  This morning it was –8 degrees F. at 7:30 am and got up to 14 degrees F around 4:00 pm.  Saturday we had our first significant snow fall, and unusual for us, it came straight down with no wind.  It is so fluffy and pretty on the trees but we all know in Nebraska we could still get wind and that pretty snow could pile up into drifts.IMG_7669A peek between the trees and you see the cows grazing across the highway.  Looks like they are grazing snow but in reality they are grazing a section that was planted to turnips, radishes, and rye grass. They just poke their nose through the snow and grab a mouthful.  They really like that and will spend a lot of time on those fall planted areas and when it is grazed down then will move into the corn field to get the corn and stalks left after harvest.IMG_7670
Sure was nice to hear the weatherman on TV last night tell us that today temperatures are supposed to get up to 30 degrees F.  Yipee…a heat wave!

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ga447 said...

I love the photo of the cows grazing, the snow here in Omaha was like a scene from Courier & Ives. My son has to work outside in this frigid weather so he gets lots of long johns.
You were busy for Thanksgiving we were in Dallas and it was cold there. Sunday I stayed in my PJ's all day - it was fun. Have a great week. I was a farm girl in Germany during the summers. Best time of my life.

Cynthia Dortona said...

Love the pictures of cattle grazing in a snow covered field.
Snows here have been a bit wet when falling. We've had snowfall this past Sunday and Tuesday so far. Combined total is between 6 and 8 inches. Today it appears there are areas of black ice causing travel woes for those going to work and school!

Jeanna said...

Now that is super cold! We are in the 80s in So FL...I would love to have cooler weather and even some snow. However, I'm not sure I could handle Nebraska COLD.

Stay warm!


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