Monday, January 6, 2014

Burr It's Cold Outside

Morning temperatures didn't dip as low here as the original forcast of -10 F(-23 C) but -7 F (-21 C)is pretty cold.  Love the Atomic clock that has the temperature inside and outside on it too.  I have to run to town for a few groceries later but won't have to be outside long.  John was really bundled up in his insulated coveralls, heavy coat, hat and gloves when he went out to do chores and I bet he is still cold.  He has to run water in the water tank trailer this morning so he can haul it the 3 miles up to where the cows are now.

We gave them a little more shelter by parking a large farm truck along with the hay feeder trailers to help block the wind that was blowing yesterday and predicted today.  The field where they are now has no natural shelter or barns to we have to provide some temporary shelter for them.  John also took several of the large round straw bales up for bedding.

Wow, it is warming up already at 9 as it is -4 F (-20 C).  Bad joke I know!

Until later,

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