Thursday, March 27, 2014

From Messy To Clean And Usable

2014-03-19 15.25.02
I showed you this photo of my flannel board with some of the stuff removed a couple of blog posts ago.  Kind of messy around the edges and the center looked the same before I cleaned that area off so I would have a neutral background to snap my photo.  After getting the photo I looked at all the stuff I removed and decided to sort and put away or throw away  and remove the rest to make it usable as a design board or quilt display area again.2014-03-20 08.22.03
This is how it looks now – big difference isn’t it?  I have hung a few of my favorite small quilts for display.  Upper left a miniature given to me by my friend Geta Gramma from Romanian Quilt Studio.  Check out her blog, Geta’s Quilting Studio too.  The next one to the right is one I made my mother in law many years ago.  She died a few years ago and now this makes me think of her every time I look at it.  Next is a postcard made by Geta Grama.  The bird wall hanging was made by my friend Margaret.  The small blue one under the far left quilt by Geta is a piece I bought in Paducah of Hmong applique.  I thought I might stitch it into something but so far I haven’t come up with an idea for it.  The largest quilt is the one I just finished.

I like that it is cleaned off and now can use it again, beside the fact that it makes my sewing room/studio a little neater looking.  At least on the wall it is neater looking but my sewing table is full of pieces and parts of my current project which I will show you in a while after I get it finished.

Until Later,

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Jeanna said...

All very nice pieces on your wall Lynn. I love your big quillt and the pieced border...such tiny pieces in there!


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