Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blogging Break….

I really did not intend my infrequent blogging to turn into months without a peep from me on my blog.  One day without blogging turned into two…then a week….then several weeks to end up months.  My health is good so no worries there but got so busy with yard and garden work, grandkids activities, family visits and I confess I just got lazy and more lazy the longer it was since I posted.  I am sorry for those of you that checked in on me here and were disappointed to find nothing new.  I just hope some of you return to check again!IMG_1975I know we are almost through fall here in Nebraska but wanted to share a few more photos I took this last summer on walks around our farm.  I love taking my camera along and seeing what I can capture.  The photo of the sunflower is one of the large ones I planted along my vegetable garden.  They were beautiful until one thunderstorm with strong winds blew that broke most of them off at the point where I had tied them up.  The moth hovering over the sunflower is a Sphinx moth that can sometimes fool people into thinking it is a Hummingbird.IMG_1996Those of you not familiar with corn plants might not realize what they look like at the ground level.  The plants grow these finger like appendages we call “air roots.” They grow down from the last few sections of the corn plant and help anchor the plant to keep it more stable as the ears grow and get heaver and in windstorms.  These air roots really do help it stand upright and are just cool looking!IMG_2000The above photo is of the track made by a wheel of the pivot irrigation system through the cornfield.    If you want to know more about center pivot irrigation check out this webpage.

Welcome back!


Jeanna said...

Welcome back! My blogging break has turned into months as well. Like you described, life just got really busy.

Thanks for sharing your farm photos...interesting moth. I've never seen anything like it.

Marianne Gasser said...

Welcome back!....hope you had a good Thanksgiving!....was wondering if you have a template for the Christmas stockings made from jeans??? Thanks so much!!!! Didn't know how else to contact you.


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