Monday, August 31, 2015

Travel Duffle Bag

You got a peek at the Travel Duffle Bag I was making at the retreat with my friends at Uncle Bucks Lodge in Brewster in June.  It is finished now and I have even used it once.  I started out with this pattern "Travel Duffle Bag" that can be found here at Patterns by Annie.productimage-picture-travel-bag-1429This is a very large bag 21” L x 13” H x 8” deep.  I followed the directions and pattern but… my friends say….. with changes.  I never can make a bag just like an original pattern and have favorite features I like in any bag I make so just make the changes if the pattern doesn't include them if possible.  I have made enough bags over the years that changing the construction of a bag doesn’t seem to be a problem and more of a puzzle if I am not sure how to accomplish what I want.  2015-06-22-11.17Ok, now to see the details on the bag.  One change I made to the pockets on the ends was to make one of them from mesh fabric with an elastic casing on the top.  I also made navy blue cording to be seamed into the seam around the ends.  I stitched in the cording as I thought it might help the fabric wear less on these seams and do like the accent of the navy.  By the way I just love the fabric I chose for this bag.  I purchased a pre-quilted double sided fabric for the outside and another coordinating print I used for trim and lining.2015-06-22-11.18This end is just like the pattern, no changes and the view of the front below is also made just like the pattern.20150622_112508The backside did get one change though.  Instead of putting the patch pocket in the center I made it open on both ends and placed it a little higher on the back of the bag.  As you can see it will slip over our rolling suitcase to make moving it a bit easier when we are using a rolling bag.IMG_5010Now for a look at the inside where I made quite a few changes.  The original pattern has you seam the ends and then cover the raw edges with bias tape but I like a lined bag so made a lining to fit the inside of the bag.  To enable you to see I turned the entire bag inside out.  One long side has a zippered pocket.  Oh, by the way I quilted the lining fabric to a piece of soft and stable to help give the body of bag more shape. IMG_4995The opposite side I added a mesh zippered pocket so it will be easy to see the items I pack in this pocket.IMG_5006Now for the lining ends – don’t want to waste that space so more pockets -  I love pockets so guess what – they have pockets!  One end has a mesh pocket that has a casing with elastic at the top.  I made this pocket pleated at the bottom so it will hold lots of socks or what ever I want to stash there.IMG_4996The other end I added a pleated fabric pocket with a tab and magnetic snap.   It will also hold lots of things and hopefully keep me organized.  That will be an accomplishment if it works!IMG_5002That is pretty much it but I do want to show you my zipper pulls on the front of the bag.  I found and purchased a cheap necklace so took it apart and have two cute zipper pulls that make it look like they were made for my bag, the colors are perfect.  IMG_4993IMG_4994Here is one more look at my wonderful bag.  Looking forward to using it more so if you see me carrying my unique bag just give me a shout out.IMG_5009Until Later,


Cynthia Dortona said...

Hi Lynn,
Love the color and size of your bag!
Wondering if you would maybe consider making more and selling them?
It's hard to find a bag with all the storage yours has.
Would you consider trying to make one with a water proof liner? That way it could also be used as a big toiletry bag.
Love your work!

Jeanna said...

You have amazing skill to figure out and incorporate all those changes. Your enhancements make it a much more useful bag. I love everything about it.

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! That is incredible. I love all the modifications you made. You are so creative. I will share your blog on my Facebook page and in my newsletter so others can see your great bag. Nicely done!

Lynn said...

Thanks for posting about my bag on your facebook page Annie. Still love the bag and proud to show it off.


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