Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Walk Through My Flower Garden

Yesterday was such a beautiful day and a good day to spend with my camera outside.  I have not taken time to get any photos this summer of my beautiful flower beds and yesterday I tried to get some close up shots of a few.IMG_6006Probably one of the last roses this summer, and this one has such a lovely scent too.IMG_5991IMG_5980IMG_6057The bumble bees, flies, wasps and other insects really like the sedum flowers.  They leave you alone if you leave them alone and believe me I do not want to make a bumble bee mad.  I used my  zoom lens and cropped the photos to get the close views of them.  Don’t their wings look like plastic? IMG_5952Lantana is one of my favorite flowers as it grows so easily and this variety is such fun with the multicolored flowers.IMG_5965Even a dandelion seed head can be beautiful but I sure snapped it off and disposed of it after taking it’s photo! IMG_5967Grasshoppers are such voracious plant eaters but luckily I didn’t have too many munching on my garden this summer.  IMG_6018The fall mums are just starting to bloom so will have bursts of color until we have our first freeze.

Until later,

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Jeanna said...

Your photos are magnificent, Lynn. The flowers are gorgeous and I love that your garden is showing signs of fall color. Thanks for sharing :)


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