Friday, January 8, 2016

Ready, Set, Go…….

Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas!  It is hard to believe it is 2016 already as I finally got used to writing 2015.

Like the title says ready, set go!  This isn’t a news year’s resolution as such but more as the start of a new year and a challenge to myself to hopefully write more posts.  It is all habit and I have just gotten out of the habit of writing for my blog and I intend to do better.  As a start I plan to post as often as I can and to not make myself write long posts but short, hopefully interesting posts to get me started.

We had a lovely Christmas with our family and a fun tradition we have with the grandchildren is to have a scavenger hunt and games or search for items around the house to get their gifts.  Now that they are a bit older we tried a couple new things that they had fun doing.  First one they had to do to get a gift was to make up their mothers as Santa.  They worked on their aunt rather than their own mother and used toilet paper and scotch tape.  Think they did a pretty good job, don’t you think?  It really got silly and they had fun making the two different kinds of beards and topping them off with the two Santa hats. 
Another fun activity they did used a paper plate and different colored crayons.  They had to put the paper plate on their head and draw what I told them to, not seeing what they were drawing of course.  I had them use a green crayon to draw a tree, a brown crayon for the trunk, yellow crayon for a star on top and red for ornaments on the branches.  To make it more fun for the kids the adults did it too.  They all had a giggle over their creations and to be honest they were pretty good pieces of art.  Every year I ask them if they are tired of doing all the things we have then do to get their gifts and the unanimous vote is to keep doing it so we do.  It does take a bit of time to come up with all the clues for the scavenger hunt for all four of them but John and I enjoy trying to make the clues more obscure the older the child.  The 15 yr. old had to really do some thinking to figure out some of her clues.  The rule is if you find all your clues you have to help the ones not done.  We send them upstairs, downstairs, and in the garage to find the clues.

The kids and adults played board games the 2 days they were here and everyone had fun from the 10 year old to John and I the oldies in the group.  We all had lots of laughs at John playing Pictionary as he can not draw well at all and our guesses of what he drew were even funnier.  It is nice to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.

Until Later,


DeAnna S said...

Sounds like a fun time with family! Cute games and cherished times. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

DeAnna - it was a great time making new memories!


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