Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bamboo Batting

I have had this roll of Bamboo Batting by Fairfield for sometime but had not used it until now. I love it! It is so soft and machine quilts great too.

I did find some shrinkage after I washed the Linus quilt I used it in but in this project it didn't matter. If you didn't want the shrinkage I would preshrink the batting according to the manufactures instructions. Something I found interesting was that they don't recommend putting the batting in the washer to pre-shrink it but have you soak it in a laundry basket in the bathtub, press as much water you can out of it and then lay it outside to dry. May take a piece I have left and try washing it this way but want to put it in the dryer to see how that turns out.

The quilt I used it in is very soft as well so will be buying more of this batting. Mine was purchased at Hobby Lobby and a friend bought hers at Hancock Fabrics (Not the one from Paducah). Hobby Lobby usually has a coupon you can print off for 40% off anything not on sale so you can get a pretty good deal on the batting that way.

Today is my 38th wedding anniversary and yes I am not with my husband today to celebrate. He is always so busy on the farm with irrigating the crops we never have a chance to do anything special on our anniversary. I go to QuiltNebraska the Nebraska State Quilt Guild convention every year and sometimes it falls on our anniversary. I have a very understanding husband, he says go and have a good time!

Pasting this after I am gone to quilt convention - I am sure I am having a wonderful time!


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