Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fair News

We made it to the fair and had a wonderful time watching our 9 yr. old granddaughter S. show her rabbit. She was a little, maybe more than a little nervous for the showmanship class though. I would have been nervous too.

For showmanship they have to give a little demo-speech about their rabbit in front of the judge and all the crowd watching the event. She did very well and spoke right up, wearing the microphone didn't seem to bother her either. She got a blue ribbon in that class, a blue ribbon on the rabbit (Fuzzy) as well as a blue ribbon on her pillow that she made. The wildlife project she entered got a purple ribbon gets to go to the State Fair and boy was she excited about that.

She had taken plaster and made molds of wild animal foot prints that she could find, had to make a reverse mold then mount them on a board with photos and a description of where she found the print, etc. She worked very hard on it and it did turn out nice. She had prints of a prong horned antelope, raccoon, wild turkey, duck and bobcat. They had a pretty wet spring and summer so tracks were not so hard to find.

Don't you love the girls hair in the photo below? Their other grandmother fixed it for them that morning. S. wanted her hair out of her eyes when she showed and the braided look really was cute on her. Here she is sitting with her sister D. watching some of the other kids show their rabbits. D. is planning on showing next year and S. said she was going to work on her rabbit speech more next year as she really wanted that trophy they gave to the top Jr. showmanship winner.

Have not touched the quilt today so need to at least get it layered and ready to quilt. Am thinking of using some of the quilt spray glue. That might make it get done faster. I do like to baste my quilts with thread but don't have the time for that on this one.


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