Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time Flies When You Are Busy

I really don't know where the time went since I posted last but do know have not had much time to myself.  It is always hectic getting gardens planted, mowing done, cleaning house for Memorial Day company plus am still doing physical therapy for my shoulder once a week and the exercises at home several times a day.

I love having a large yard and multiple flower beds but they do take a lot of work to keep the weeds out and the flowers planted and tended each year.  I am trying to get more perennials and bushes planted each year so I will have less of the planting to do as the years go by. 

Ok, enough of the excuses for not blogging or reading my favorite blogs and on to a more interesting subject.

We had our last quilt guild meeting the third Thursday in May.  It was a great evening starting out with a pot luck supper with so much good food.  The auction was really a lot of fun too.  Since the tickets were so inexpensive there was a lot of good natured fun stuffing some of the bags with many chances to win. 

I was the winner of this quilt top made by one of our guild members.  I love it but want your opinions on what I should do about the one chicken in the upper right.  Her beak doesn't show since it is made of a beige fabric and blends into the background.  How or what should I do to make it show up?  Will quilting do it?  All the beaks are made of the same fabric.

Have not had time to do any sewing or quilting since I finished the Amish quilt so am anxious to do something soon.  I did get to supervise one granddaughter with sewing her 4-H project.  She made a pillowcase and was so proud of the good job she did.  I was really proud of her too as she stuck to it and finished it in one afternoon.

Time for bed now but will try to post more frequently from now on so you don't forget me.



tich said...

Love the quilt! I was going to suggest you applique a darker material over the beak, but if they are all made of the same material, why don't you embroider round the beak in stem stitch, using a brown or a black thread.

stitches said...

Heck, I say, change the beak to a darker gold or can be a maverick chicken. They don't all have to match, do they???

Joan said...

I think I'd take a fine point Sharpie and put little polka dots on the beak. Kind of a rogue chicken thing!


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