Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10,000 Visitors

Just checked my blog counter and the 10,000th visitor just arrived - wooo hooo!  I never expected that many people to find my blog in March of 2008 when I started it.  I have discussed many quilt related things here but also shared some of my life on a Nebraska farm.  Hope you all like the mix of topics.

Yesterday I was so bored and antsy.  I spent the entire day on the couch with my foot elevated and iced down.  The TV and computer were boring after a while and I was reading a good book but that too got old after so many hours.  For some reason my ankle was painful all day but today was much better.  Less pain and today I had the joy of having two friends stop by for a visit.  One came this morning and the other this afternoon.

There is nothing better to take your mind off your troubles than a chat with friends.  I had thought I might try sewing at my machine a little today but can do that tomorrow.  Thankfully today just breezed along.

I would like to celebrate the 10,000th visitor some way .... will have to think of something I can do.  Maybe some sort of give away.

Until Later...Thanks for Reading!


Elaine Adair said...

I don't know if there is medical 'proof' of it, but I've experienced that when an injury is especially painful, I'm thinking it's HEALING especially well! Hope so!

You'll be sewing before long, with the leg/foot/ankle propped up on a pillow - we can't stand to be away from our machines very long! 8-)))

Linda said...

You just have to have patience, right? Glad some friends stopped by to help the time pass!! Though I agree with Elaine's philosophy, I also ascribe to the friends make things better philosopy!! Have a great day. Lurking Linda

FLO_rancher said...

It will heal soon. Just becareful don't over do. So sorry for the pain, I hope you can do some handwork til you can peddle a sew machine. I missed somewhere how did you injury your ankle?...Maybe you can do some beading, which you do so well. Pray you are more comfortable soon. Sew Peacefully DEB};o


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