Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stolen Quilts

Recently two traveling quilt teachers had quilts stolen from their cars when traveling to teach.  I get angry when I think that someone took the quilts that were lovingly made by someone to have as their own or try to sell or worse yet to discard in a dumpster .  Hopefully with spreading the news on the internet and among quilters in general plus to have quilters keep their eyes open at yard sales, flea markets, eBay or other times when they are just out and about in their community they might spot some of these works of art.  What the thieves probably don’t know is that these are not just run of the mill quilts but highly recognizable works of art recognized by many people.

Karen Combs had her car broken into over the weekend.  This is one of her stolen quilts.image
  Patsy Thompson had quilts and works in progress and other items stolen from her car the last of February.  This is one of her stolen quilts.image If you spot any of these well know and recognizable quilts please let the authorities and the makers know immediately.  Sadly to say there are many others from famous and not so famous quilters on the Lost Quilts web page.  All the missing quilts cause a heartache for everyone though no matter if they are famous or not.

When you have a little time peruse this web page for other quilts that have been lost or stolen.  I was amazed at how many there are listed.  I do wish everyone would post a photo of their lost or stolen quilts as it makes it easier to ID if you happen to see them.  That is also a reminder to all quilters to TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR WORK.  We sometimes forget or don’t think it is important but if they do get lost or stolen you can pass the photo on for easier identification.

We all need to label our quilts but those labels can be removed if they are just stitched to the back after it is quilted.  I have heard that you should attach the label before quilting and also go a step further and enclose  a label inside the quilt sandwich near one corner where you can remove the binding and find it for further identification.  All good ideas.  Do any of you have any better ideas of how to protect your quilts from being lost or stolen?  Check out the information on Lost Quilts for more information they have listed under Protecting Quilts.

Another thing I noticed was that several quilts have been stolen from big shows as well as little shows or during shipping.  I was amazed at how many quilts disappeared when the shows were dismantled and the quilts waiting to be shipped home.  Security of some sort needs to be stepped up in these areas too.  What steps should a person take to protect their quilts in these situations?

I guess we all need to be watchful when at quilt shows/displays or if we are helping with them for those sneaky people that are taking what does not belong to them.  It is a horrible thing to think we can not trust our fellow man/woman and be suspicious of them but these situations remind us this is the case. 


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