Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall Day Color

Since no sewing is going on here I will show you some photos I took earlier this fall.  John and I took a ride down to our small river to look at the beautiful color on the trees.  You can see the harvested corn field in the foreground and down the hill to the river.  The yellow trees just glow.IMG_0317We don’t always get pretty colored leaves in the fall if it freezes too soon, too late or whatever reason but this year the trees were so pretty.  Most of them are Cottonwood or Burr Oak trees.  The tree in the photo below is a very large Burr Oak in one of the pastures where we graze our cattle each summer.  IMG_0331You can see how dry and brown the grass is around the tree.  It is not brown just because it is autumn but also because we have not had much rain at all during the summer and fall.

Above are views of the river which is still very low but was beautiful and so calm the day we were down there.  We looked for Indian arrowheads along the shore but didn’t find any.  People find arrowheads here at times so we always keep our eyes on the sandy shore hoping to find one. 

The sun was just setting when we neared our home but needed to check on two of the horses that have been in a pasture for the summer.  Bart and Sally have enjoyed it but it was about time to get them back to the barn.  Bart is not ridden and I call him the idiot….not a nice name I know but he just can’t remember his training.  John certainly doesn’t need to get dumped on the ground and Bart doesn’t seem to get the idea even though he has been to a trainer more than once.  Sally, the one with the black mane, is not able to be ridden anymore as she had gotten a disease several years ago that makes her not sure footed.  She will stumble at times yet, even though she is cured of the original disease.  This is a disease, EPM (Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis), that is caused by opossum's defecating on the hay the horses eat – sounds gross I know but it is not really that uncommon.  It is a disease of the central nervous system in horses caused by protozoal parasites in the opossom gut.

Well, guess that was a depressing paragraph wasn’t it….but aren’t the photos of them both pretty?



Jean Belle said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.

Virginia said...

The fall pics look like fall around here. We finally had a little bit of rain. If you look carefully while walking you can see green through all the brown. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Elaine Adair said...

Oh yes, beautiful trees and colors! I miss TREES, having lived outside Smoky Mountain NP! And the horses? well they LOOK pretty as well - too bad there is no riding them. I had never heard about the possum complications!

I think I'm getting accustomed to retirement.


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