Friday, November 2, 2012

Guild Challenge Block 1

Each year my quilt guild has a quilt challenge that members can either choose to participate in or not…their choice.  I try to do the challenge each year as it stretches my imagination, makes me learn new techniques, and besides is lots of fun too.

The challenge this year is a border challenge.  We were all to make a quilt block between 8” and 12” and bring it to the next meeting in the brown paper bag we were given.  The challenge leader put a number on the bottom of our bag and put them all on a table.  She mixed the bags up and we all chose one to work on the first month.IMG_0310The leader is keeping track of all the bag numbers so we don’t choose our own bag or one that we have already worked on.  The block above is the block that was in the bag I choose for round one.

The rules also stated that we were to make our blocks in only 2 colors and must use the 2 colors the block maker chose for the borders we add.  We can do pretty much anything we want on the borders but don’t want just a plane strip of fabric.  We have to add borders to all 4 sides as well.IMG_0312Here are the strips I have made for the borders I will add to the block.  There will be 9 patch blocks in the corners with the opposing colors stitched between the corners.IMG_0314All ready to be folded and put back in it’s bag for the next meeting.  Block one done and block two will be next when I add a second border.


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