Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Luckily I had my camera with me as I was walking back to the house from the barn and was within 3 feet of this bunny.  I think he thought he was hidden from sight.  He kept perfectly still. 

I got the lens cover off my lens quickly and was ready to take a photo and the cat that had been rubbing my legs noticed the rabbit about that same time and rushed it.  I can tell you that rabbit spent not time at all getting away in a sprint and outrunning the cat.  He really only chased it for  a short time so not sure how serious he was.

Love it when I get a chance to see something like this and so close up. (I do temper my like with a bit of dislike too as they munch on my plants and dig holes in my lawn.)



sherry said...

so cool...my husband called me to the back yard several weeks ago to see the baby bunny sitting very quietly in the weeds at the edge of the bush...on sunday on our drive on logging roads and picnic we saw a cougar cross the road but not fast enuf iwth the camera

tich said...

Some areas of our island have hundreds of rabbits, but we only get an occasional one, which jumps the garden walls (dry stane dykes) when we approach.


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