Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Farm Resident

IMG_4042John just bought a new horse this last week.   She is really pretty and trained well and goes by the name of Tracy.  She is a registered quarter horse and will get ridden a lot and so far is getting along with the other horses on our farm.  She joins our other horses – Jesse; another horse John currently rides, Lucky; retired except for visiting kids, Sally; pretty much retired too and Bart; at a horse dealer trying to find a new home.  Tracy had to first figure out who was the boss horse and now that they have that settled all is peaceful in the horse lot.  The cattle are all in the pastures now so John won’t have to work with them much this summer but the fall and winter the cattle get moved from one field to another every week or two.   The other neighbor “cow men” get together to help each other  when cattle need moved or worked so there are many opportunities for Tracy.  IMG_4057John has been going out each evening to ride her around one of the lots.  He needs to get to know her and she needs to get to know him…we have bonding on the farm!IMG_4064So far John is happy with Tracy and she seems happy with him so think she will fit into our farm just fine.



sherry said...

he is so lucky to have daughter left home 8 years ago and left behind her quarter horse she did reining and showing on...she decided that she needed to move him on as she would not be able to take him with here anytime in the near future...he went to a wonderful home giving lessons to young girls in self-esteem camps...i have wept for about 6 weeks with the lose of him...i am envious of john

tich said...

I think your husband and mine would get on great. What is a quarter horse?


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