Saturday, September 28, 2013

Serenade–Part 4

IMG_6194.jpg-2See, I did git it done with two days to spare, entered and even won a ribbon.  Here I am kneeling beside it with the first place ribbon for machine quilted miniatures at the Nebraska State Fair.  Kneeling, because it was displayed quite low and I didn’t want the photo taken of my belly button so got on my knees for my photo op. instead. I was and still am thrilled to win the blue ribbon.
Serenade 12" x 13"
 It is so much fun to enter and have my quilt on display and to win a ribbon makes it even better.  Here are some close up photos of the quilt for your inspection.  Each of the cropped photos cover 1.5”of the quilt so it really shows the detail of the stitching.  Actually the stitching magnified this much makes it look a little wobbly.
IMG_7288-detail-1      IMG_7288-detail-2
IMG_7288-detail-3      IMG_7288-detail-4
IMG_7288-detail-5      IMG_7288-detail-6
 Until Later,


sherry said...

congrats...i love work miniature

Virginia said...

Congratulations on your win!!!!

Geta Grama said...

Glad to see you, Lynn, and the real size of your mini! Well deserved ribbon - Congratulations!

Leslie McNeil said...

beautiful! and congratulations! you look so good next to it, too!!

tich said...

Your work is absolutely amazing!! I really enjoyed reading how you made this quilt, and how you overcame any problems (the poofy poof!) A well deserved win! Fabulous!


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