Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Serenade–Quilting Part 3

IMG_9925Motifs are gradually getting quilted.  Notice the monogram in the center of the Mariner’s Compass star.  Hmmm, I wonder who’s initials those are?IMG_9927Look at the puff between the motifs – a bit like hills.  Also look the fabric on the outside of the quilted border; it is also out of control but I do have a plan.  It is always good to stop and consider a plan when things are not quite going the way you want it too, right?IMG_5933Well this was my plan – not elegant by any means but it did work to squish that poofy poof down so I could quilt it.  Notice the inside of the small feathered Mariner’s Compass.  Do you see the shadow of the number 2?  Well, I ripped it out as it just was not obvious to everyone what those numbers stood for….2012, one number in each circle for the year.  I had intended to finish it in 2012 but that didn’t happen either so just decided to rip out my stitching and go with plan B.IMG_5942This is what I came up with for the middles of those Compass motifs in the corners.  I did the background quilting all the same throughout the quilt, another thing I would have changed if I were to do it again.  I would have chosen to use more background fillers in different sections to add more interest.  Will draw out the background quilting motif on another post to show how I quilted those worm like motifs.IMG_5951All quilted!  I love the way the camera picked up the texture of the quilting.IMG_5959Took this photo so show the scale of the quilting motifs on this miniature whole cloth quilt.  That is my hand quilting thimble laying on the quilt.IMG_6000I always wash my finished quilt in the mild quilt soap, rinse well, roll in a towel to get some of the water out, then block it to square it up before trimming and binding.   The reason is that as I quilt, especially when I quilt this densely it tends to distort the quilt, and it removes the heavy starch I used on the fabric, plus any body oils or just plain dirt that has accumulated since it was begun.  Here it is all pinned square on a terry towel to dry. I measure from corner to corner and multiple places plus horizontally and vertically to make sure it is square before I pin it to the towel.  The countdown to the State Fair has begun.  Two days to go before delivery to the fair…will I make it?
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T, J, M, S and B said...

Beautiful! I was wondering, what do you use to mark you design on the quilt?

Lynn said...

I really like the following type of marker. I have ones made by Fons & Porter and Bohin makes the same kind. I love the white one for dark fabrics and the one that looks like pencil for light colored fabrics. I think they are exactly the same thing. They erase or rub off pretty easy but it is best to test it out on your fabric before marking a whole quilt. You can get the chalk lead in other colors too but have not used any of them.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a message.


Leslie McNeil said...

i would love to touch it!! it's a beautiful design, lynn. nice work!


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