Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Brother - Another Nebraska Farmer

Wanted to share a blog post that my brother Don published this last Sunday on his blog Platte Valley Farmer entitled Soybean Harvest.  I also borrowed this photo from his blog.  In this post I wrote about harvesting the soybeans on his farm and it is almost identical to what we do so wanted to share it with all of you....Enjoy! 

This year however we had most of our soybean crop get damaged by hail.  The soybean fields were scattered but the path of the storm pretty much hit them all and some worse that others.  Harvest yields around here on soybeans that have not been hailed are around 68-72 bushels per acre.  Our worst hailed field yielded 4.9 bushels per acre.  We carry hail insurance and Federal crop insurance to help recover the costs of production but it is not as good a return as having the grain to harvest in the fall.

Several of our corn fields were hailed too but since our soybean harvest was just finished we don't know how it will be doing yet.  Do know the corn fields that didn't get hailed will probably have great yields but we don't know about the damaged fields until they are combined.

Until Later,


ga447 said...

Farming isn't easy and it all depends on nature. Last year we had the heat. Wish him luck, I come from farmers in Northern Germany. Nebraska reminds me lots of that landscape.

tich said...

What a shame after all that work!


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