Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Computer Woes

What is a girl to do when her computers get sick but take them to the Dr.  The dreaded blue screen with lots of writing and numbers froze my desktop computer up several times last week so I took it to my friendly and very young computer fix it guys.  I am getting older by the minute and those kids are getting younger but they sure know what they are doing.  It is ready to be picked up this week but will be leaving my laptop for the same job as it has the same symptoms.  Sad smile
computer-problem-152211_640I am so glad we purchased the insurance to cover “Geek Squad” fix it jobs when we got these last two computers.  It has been used more than once and has more than paid for itself.  Will never buy another computer without it as those nasty computer viruses, worms or junk can get in no matter how careful you are even with the purchased virus control programs.  I can take the computers in every few months to have them cleaned of unwanted junk too and that sure makes the computer work faster.

By the way the graphics above were all free domain graphics from Pixabay but I did combine 4 different ones for the top graphic.  I used my Photoshop Elements 11 program and added those virus bugs and worms to the computer graphic and saved it to use here.  Kind of cute isn’t it?

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