Friday, November 1, 2013

Sketchbook Quilting–Triangles

full-pageAnother page from my quilting design sketchbook.  This is the same stitching sequence as the background stitching I did on the whole cloth miniatures only this is stitched in the shape of triangles.  You can find the step outs for the miniature background quilting I call Ripples here on my October 4 2013 post.DesignAs you can see the design is stitched continuously in rows.  I don’t think you have to have your rows all the same or the triangles the same but try to nest them together somewhat.  If you are not planning to make them all identical, deliberately make them different from each other so it doesn’t look like you made a mistake.  You can make some wider, some taller, some tilted one direction or another, etc.  The more varied the size/angle it will be apparent to the viewer that you intended for them to be different from each other and no one triangle shape will stand out from the rest.Step-1Same as before you stitch to the center leaving a wide space then stitch out between the rows.  The trick is to learn to keep the space the same all the way to the inside so when you stitch out the spaces will be the same.Step-2When one motif is finished just start another.  You can put as many rounds on each triangle as you wish – no rules.

One tip for stitching these triangles.  If you pause just a bit when you are going to change directions you will get a sharper corner.  If you go too fast when you change directions the top and bottom thread tend to pull across the corner.  I tell you this from experience but practice on your machine to see what timing you need to turn a corner.

Happy Quilting,

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