Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Liqui Fuse

Did some more playing around with the Liqui Fuse product and the Elmers School Glue yesterday and made this simple wall hanging. I picked this design as there wasn't much to fuse down and I could get it done rather quickly.

I free hand embroidered the trees, hill outlines and the words with my sewing machine. Dropped the feed dogs, put on my open toed embroidery foot and followed the lines I had copied to the fabric. I went over the lines about 3 times to make them bold enough to see. Before I started stitching the lines I did put a piece of water soluble stabilizer behind the quilt which kept it all nice and flat.

The design came from this booklet by Art to Heart.

This photo shows stitching the buttonhole stitch around the different pieces of applique. You can't even see any of the Liqui Fuse after the buttonhole stitch was done but you could see it before. It looked like tiny spots soaked through the top of the fabric. I did use a very small buttonhole stitch on this quilt as these applique pieces were small but on larger applique projects I would probably make the buttonhole stitch much larger and think it would still hide any marks left by the Liqui Fuse.
I used the glue tips I purchased on Sharon Shamber's website on the top of the Liqui Fuse bottle. You can get a tiny line of the fusible using these tips. I also have purchased tips in Hobby Lobby in the model dept. Hobby Lobby tips are much cheaper by the way but they need to be inserted inside the regular glue tip on the bottle. Will show them on the next post where I will show and tell how I used the Elmer's School Glue when attaching the borders.

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