Friday, January 9, 2009

Stuck on Quilting

It is good to be back blogging after my long absence during and after the Holidays. We still have one more Christmas party we are hosting tomorrow night for a group we belong to. It is a pot luck dinner and gag gift exchange. Not a lot of work and always a good time.

Because we are having company I am trying to keep the house uncluttered as that can get to be a problem for John and I.

This week I have done a little sewing by stitching up samples to use for the program I am giving to my local guild next week. The title of the program is "Stuck on Quilting". I will show and tell how I use the 3 different glue type products pictured below.
I am a big fan of Sharon Schamber and she uses the Elmer's School Glue in a lot of applications and I have tried her techniques and they do work well for me too so am going to show what I have learned to my guild members. By the way if you have not been to her site you should do so as she has lots of helpful videos in the free area. To watch even more videos of her techniques search her name on YouTube.

You see the different tip on the Elmer's glue bottle? I purchased these fine tips in the hobby dept. of Hobby Lobby and cut the tip off the glue bottle and insert this tip inside and put it back on the bottle. You can get a fine line of glue this way. Top it with a knitting needle rubber tip when not in use. You can order special glue tips from Sharon's site or unscrew the tip from a mechanical pencil and use that too.

I will be showing members how I paper piece using a washable glue stick. Have been using one for years and have good results most every time. I do have a stash of glue sticks that I bought in bulk once and keep them in the refrigerator when not in use. If one gets kind of sticky/stringy during use I take it back to the refrigerator and get a different one. They seem to work better if they are kept cool. Didn't know if you all knew that or not.

My girls are used to seeing them in the refrigerator but the first time one of my son-in-laws visited before he married our daughter he was quite surprised to see a box of them in the refrigerator when he went to get something. Didn't have a clue why I would need so many and why I kept them in there. Created an interesting discussion later - now he just expects to see them in there.
The next picture shows the sample I will use to show mitering corners on borders using the Elmer's School Glue.

The following example will show how to use the Elmer's School glue to place applique pieces for needle turn and I will also show how the Liqui-Fuse product works to make fusible applique. I have not used it on any project yet but do like the fact that the applique is soft when finished. I used one of my fine tips on the bottle to get a fine line of the product on the very edge of the applique piece. I am not sure how it will react to washing but the bottle says it can be washed and still stay on. I would probably buttonhole stitch around each shape to make sure or make a sample and wash it a few times.

This example shows how you can insert rick-rack into a seam and get it to come out perfect - used Elmer's School Glue.

An example of how you can use Elmer's School glue to insert folded pieces of fabric or piping.
This last sample is showing Sharon's technique of putting on binding using the Elmer's School Glue. I used one of my quilt practice sandwiches for the demonstration. Sharon's binding videos are really good and she goes into great detail on both the regular binding video and the one showing binding curves.

All our snow is gone now thanks to a couple of warm days right after Christmas. It is cold out today though and the wind is blowing mighty hard this afternoon. Think there are supposed to be wind gusts up to 50 MPH and I believe it. The sound of the wind if it is strong drives me crazy - have probably told you that before but if I were one of those pioneer women living in a sod house back during the time Nebraska was first settled I would have been hauled to the loony bin after wind storms. At least here and now I can stay busy, play music, etc to cover the sound of the wind.
Guess I had better do some actual cleaning for the party tomorrow night now and not leave it all until tomorrow.

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Linda said...

Your projects for guild sounds really interesting. I use the school glue for my bindings and love the way they turn out. But now you've given me more ideas to use the glue. Thanks for the pics and descriptions.
Love your blog.


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