Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mini Fused Applique

After my experiment yesterday I decided to go ahead and make the small tulip blocks. I cut out the shapes with fusible on the back and laid my pattern under the Teflon applique sheet and pressed the parts together following the lines I can see through the sheet. Love using the applique sheet for fusible - easy to put the parts together before the final placing on the background fabric since they peel right off.
As you can see I need a little more practice cutting the tiny shapes. May have to make an extra block or two to get them all to look exactly alike.
After I fused the entire shape I peeled it off the applique sheet. I pulled the paper pattern from under the applique sheet and the background square is centered over one of the patterns. I can see the design through the fabric since it is light colored.
The applique is now pressed to the background fabric following the pattern.
I'm working on doing the blanket stitching on the blocks and will show you them when I get them finished.

The weather has been so beautiful here the last few days it almost feels like spring. The weatherman does say we are supposed to get cold weather move in again this weekend but I don't look forward to that - much prefer a jacket to a heavy coat any day.

Until later,

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Geta Grama said...

I can't wait to see this beauty !


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