Monday, February 9, 2009

On the Mend and Beautiful Sight!

Ended up going to the Dr. today and now am on an antibiotic. No wonder I just didn't feel up to par lately. First time I have had sinus infection since I had sinus surgery last fall. Have a couple of other complications but should be feeling better soon.

I did take the Dr. orders to heart and rested most of the afternoon. I did do a few loads of laundry but mostly laid around on the couch and finished reading a book.

Hope the rest of you have had a chance to sew today since I didn't feel up to it.

I did see about 7 deer this morning running for all they were worth and cross the highway in front of me on the way to my Dr. appointment. Glad I had time to slow down as they sure didn't stop or slow down and jumped over the fence on the other side without breaking stride.
I also had the privilege to see 3 bald eagles about 4 miles from home along the river on my way to Hastings this morning. This year we have not spotted very many until the last week or so and that was one lone eagle circling over the river and highway. They are majestic birds and I am excited and thrilled every time I see one.
These two photos below are not of any of the birds I saw this morning but photos I took in March of 2006. That particular morning when we got up and looked out the sewing room window this bald eagle was sitting in one of our old ratty black walnut trees just on the edge of the yard - really, really close to the house.

I grabbed my camera and got two photos of it sitting in the tree then it looked at me and flew off and I got a photo of it leaving. We were so excited to have one so close. If you look very closely at the in flight photo you can see it's head is turned toward me and you can see it's eye and beak.

We have not had bald eagles in our area for that many years. They started showing up around the time our youngest daughter was a senior in high school. At that time we would see them all winter long and knew which trees to look in to see if there were any roosting. They tended to roost in the same trees all winter long.

I was asked to do a lecture yesterday at a local museum during their annual quilt show. Most of the women there had never seen any quilts as small as mine so had fun telling them how I made them and showing them off. There weren't too many quilts on display for their show so that was sad as the museum tries hard to have activities of local interest. It wasn't a long drive and was nice to show my quilts off and get a chance to talk to a few of the local women attending the show so was worth it.


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