Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stuhr Museum Quilt Show

A couple of friends and I attended the annual quilt show held at the Stuhr Museum on Sunday afternoon. There were some great quilts on display and we got a chance to shop at the several vendors in attendance too. Saw and visited with several quilt friends from other places that I don't see too often so that was another plus for the day.

It is always fun to get together with quilting friends - you can talk quilts until you are blue in the face and they do the same and no one is bored or gets that glazed over look in their eyes. To top off a wonderful afternoon we stopped at the Dairy Queen for an ice cream treat for the ride home.

Tomorrow we are again going on a "quilt trip". Actually we are driving to Grand Island to shop for fabric for our guild's raffle quilt. We are short of time so wanted a simple pattern and we decided on this pattern from the Moda website called "Pathway Batiks".

I used my EQ6 program and drew up the blocks then the quilt even though you can download the pattern from the moda website. We wanted a queen sized quilt so added more of the blocks, arranged the different sized squares in a different configuration but kept the scattered look. Another thing we are changing is the number of fabrics we will be using. The original pattern uses 30 fabrics for the colored squares in the center section. Our quilt with 63 blocks is only going to have 9 fabrics. Wanted to make it as simple as possible and keep the hassle of finding so many fabrics to a minimum.

My plan for the quilt has each of the 9 fabrics used 2 times in the large square blocks, 3 times in the med. square ones, and 2 times with the small square in the block. We are looking to find blue and green batik fabrics and a wonderful batik print using both greens and blues for the 10" border.

If you have not done so before check out the fabric manufactures web pages. They have lots of free patterns, tips plus you can look at their different lines of fabric. Good for inspiration if nothing else.

Off to sew now....

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