Friday, February 13, 2009

Purse Fabric and Pattern

I just love the fabric purses you can make now. I bought this "Mini Bow Tucks" pattern and fabric when I was at Quilter's Delight in Holdrege a couple of weeks ago for a new purse for myself. The pattern is published by Quilts Illustrated. Janet had one made up with the green paisley by Hoffman and I just fell in love with it so selected the same fabric for the top part of the purse as she did but liked this brown poke-a-dot by Moda for the bottom section. The light green will be the lining of the purse.

Now don't ask me when I am going to make it - I don't know yet. Janet did say it doesn't take long to make so that is good.

Have some other fabric I bought last fall for another purse that is yet to be madet too. Maybe I will just collect patterns and the fabric to make them and someday when I am gone my girls will have to take care of these "purse kits"!



Geta Grama said...

beautiful fabrics and tassels, too

sweetkelli said...

can't wait to see your finished purse -- looks like a fun pattern.


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