Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ripping Done–Quilting Done!

Ta-Da…The boo-boo quilting is removed and I have the outside border re-quilted and will be binding this mini quilt soon.  You can be sure that I checked the thread color more than once before I started quilting!IMG_1325

It took me almost 4 days to get the feathers that I quilted all around the border with the wrong thread ripped out.  Of course that was not morning to night working but several hours each day.  I almost had to pick each stitch out individually but I was determined to get it done.  I used my magnifying glasses, seam ripper, and hemostats to grab the threads to get the job done.  I tried to make it less of a tiresome job by watching a good movie or two on TV or listening to an audio book.  Actually I listened to the movies more than watched them.  I can say I did a better job with the machine quilted feathers the second time than I did the first so maybe I should just think of it as practice. 

I soaked the quilt in cold water to get the blue marker out then gently washed and rinsed it.  It is now laid on a towel after blocking it to square.  When it is dry…and I have time I will get the binding on.  I have never done it in this order before so this is new to me.  I usually bind the quilt then give it a gentle wash/rinse then bind it but since there was so much blue marker on it I felt it needed to get removed before I added the binding.  I sure didn’t want to take a chance of getting it set in.  I sometimes press the first seam of the binding with the tip of the iron to help it roll to the back – that is the heat that could set the blue.  I also read somewhere that a quilter blocked her quilts before she bound them – another reason to try it this way. 

PT tomorrow then some shopping if the weather cooperates – we have had freezing drizzle and a few snow flakes off and on today.  It seems like every time I have a PT appointment it is nasty weather or I have to rush home for some reason.  Tomorrow is free and clear so have my list made and my credit card ready!

Until later,

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Elaine Adair said...

It's a beauty!

Regarding blocking, I've always blocked my quilt AFTER binding, until someone asked WHY? Uhhhh, it DOES make more sense to block BEFORE binding, doesn't it?

I also press that binding seam over, but worry I'll get the iron too close to the blue markings. Again, it makes sense to wash it out beforehand. Some things take a while to sink in, don't they?


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