Friday, March 25, 2011

Sitting on Red Comfort

I broke down and got a new chair for my sewing machine.  I had been using an office chair that just didn’t fit me and got really uncomfortable after sitting at the machine for a while.  I had stopped in at the Bernina store to check about a new foot I wanted to get and sat in the beige Horn chair while the clerk finished helping someone else.  Wow, how comfy.  The clerk helped me with the foot then said the red Bernina chair was the same as the beige one only made with red fabric and had the Bernina logo on the back.  She told me they had ordered several of the red ones in before Christmas and wanted to sell them out so offered me a great deal that I just couldn’t resist.

Oh -  by the way, I just finished cleaning my sewing room up as we are having company this weekend so it was the ideal time to take a photo.  Doesn’t it look nice?  I couldn’t believe how many piles of fabric, paper, etc. there was  piled on every flat surface plus all the fabric snips and threads on the floor.

The chair was all boxed up so John had to put it together when I got it home.  It didn’t take him too long before it was ready to sit in.

One thing I really like, besides the comfortable padding on the chair is the different ways you can adjust it to fit.  There is a knob on the back side to raise and lower the back rest.  On the right side are three levers for my adjustments.  I can raise and lower the height of the chair, tip the seat forward or backward and another lever to tip the backrest back to fit too.  IMG_1429 I actually turned the photo up side down so you could read the levers and see the cute diagrams on them.

Back to cleaning….my house will look so good when I am finished but hope no one opens one of my closets that desperately need cleaned and sorted!


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Joan said...

LOVE the chair, I'll find out costs online. PS - the GO BIG RED color is quite appropriate! Got to love Bernina!


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