Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Have started doing a little sewing and it is working OK but it seems like life is getting in the way of me doing any quantity of sewing/quilting so I have nothing to show on that account.  Recently was looking though the quilt related files I have stored on my computer and came across a file called Inspiration.  I remember creating this file and putting photos in it quite a long time ago and now think this would be a good one to look at more often.

What I have in this file are photos of anything that could be used as a pieced quilt pattern, applique pattern, quilting design, etc.  You get the idea.  I took digital photos of anything and everything around my house that could be adapted to quilting in some form.  I decided to start posting some of these photos and maybe that will trigger an idea for you. 
This first photo is of the rim of an antique platter.  The edge decoration could be used for an applique design or a quilting design with a little tweaking.  It could be used straight or on curves by making the scallops a little different shape or at different angles.

I have a bunch of photos in this file so will post them occasionally.


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