Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busy Hands

I can not just sit and watch TV and not be doing another activity at the same time….I get fidgety.  I will read the daily paper, read a book, work Sudoko puzzles, browse the internet, hand quilt or knit to name a few.  I glance up at the TV screen when something catches my notice but a lot of time is spent on the other activity instead of watching the TV program...I just listen instead.

I realized I had not done any knitting for a while when a friend mentioned she could sure use a new dishcloth as the one I had made her a while ago was getting worn out.  I love this knitting pattern and can knit it up on short order so started knitting on some of the cotton yarn I have on hand.  I use the pattern Grandmothers Favorite and Sugar N Cream yarn. 

It had been a while since I had done any knitting so needed to refresh my memory.  I only have knitted squares or rectangles so am not an expert knitter by any means.  I have this website Knitting bookmarked so referred to it again.  It has lots of short videos that show all the things you need to know to start knitting and I have played them over and over.  When my niece first taught me the basics of knitting when she was 13 (she is now 18) she taught me the English method where you carry the yarn in your right hand.  At the time it was really awkward for me so used the Knitting website to teach myself Continental method where you carry the yarn in your left hand.  This seemed more natural for me as I am left handed.  I have knitted this way ever since….until now.  This week I looked at the English method of knitting videos again and switched how I knit and this time the English method didn’t feel so awkward.

I think it will be easier for me to do the Purl stitch (if I ever want to do something different) using the English method as it was hard for me to do it with the Continental method.  You have to bend your index finger over the knitting needle to do it and I was always loosing my stitch.  I thought I might have trouble switching but it went ok.  I did find that I knitted this dishcloth rather tight so might need to use one size larger needle to get the size I want, but  I also might knit looser after a few more hours of knitting in this new method for me too.

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