Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Views

The view from my sewing room window these fall days is so pretty.  A friend gave me starts of three colors of mums last spring and I planted them at the base of this maple tree.  As I sit at my sewing machine I can look out on this pretty sight.  You can see my sewing machine in the forground and my relatively clean sewing table. IMG_4921The bright spots of color are a beautiful scene and were planted just in that spot so I could see them from my machine.  This time of year most of the other flowers have stopped blooming or are looking rather spent so seeing some new blooms and a big ball of those blooms is very cheery.

The day I took these photos it was misty off and on so some of the close-up photos have moisture on the petals but think they turned out pretty.  Love flower photos!IMG_4902

I do want you to know I have been sewing but can’t show what I am working on right now.  Our guild challenge this year is to use a quilt panel, use at least one other fabric with it and to do more than just quilt and bind the panel such as piecing, applique, embellishments, etc.  Anyway, I got an idea to finish one of the panels I have so just had to start working on it while the idea was fresh in my mind.  It is not due until our May meeting and for me to be working on it this early is unusual – I am usually a last minute gal, finishing up right before something is due instead of months early. 

I know one member of my guild reads my blog occasionally so I am not posting any photos until after the big reveal since one of the challenge rules is to keep it a secret until the reveal in May.  That is probably the hardest rule to keep as I really want to show my quilting friends in my guild, you know how excited you can get about a project and sharing it can really be great.  I am just going to have to delay my show and tell of it though…sorry.  I can tell you that I am machine quilting it now after I finally came up with a quilting design.  I had it basted for a few days just waiting for the quilting plan to gel.  I do love machine quilting so this is the fun part!

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