Friday, January 27, 2012

Bag Pockets

I love to customize the bag pockets to fit my needs.  This black/white/lime bag has several zippered pockets, the most secure way to carry things in pockets.  This bag has three zippered pockets.IMG_6395This is one of the two zippered pockets in the lining of the bag.  I stitched a long zipper in both sides of the bag.  To make the inside of the bag easier to see I turned the bag inside out for these next photos.  Both sides have a long zippered pocket.
On one end of the lining I stitched in a straight pocket divided in half with stitching.  This pocket will hold two pens.IMG_6408
OK, will turn it right side out again to show you the rest of the pockets.  This is a pocket on one end of the bag that is made especially for my cell phone.  It has Velcro strips on the flap to keep my phone from falling out too.IMG_6411Under the flap is a straight pocket with no snaps, zippers or Velcro closers.  The backside has a long zippered pocket and I even found a lime green zipper in my zipper stash!  I put the white card in the pocket so you could see exactly where they are.
I will have to be diligent and not fill the pockets too full or I will defeat my purpose of making my bags fairly light to carry.

Until Later,

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Chris said...

Funny I can put together a large, complicated quilt - but don't think I'd have the patience to deal with all those zippers. I love your bag and admire your work! :)


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