Sunday, January 8, 2012

Down Come the Christmas Lights

Today we had such beautiful weather for a January day in Nebraska.  The temperatures were up to the mid 40s and we had no wind, nary a breeze.  If you live in other parts of the world you might not think this is so unusual but here in Nebraska we hardly ever have days without wind and a lots of days of very windy weather.

John decided this would be a good day to remove the lights from the windmill that we put up the first part of December.  You remember this photo of the lights taken at night, I posted about it on Dec. 16.

It is a good thing John can climb the windmill to put them up and take them down as I don’t like heights.  So far it doesn’t bother him to climb up and down and when that time comes when he can no longer do it maybe we will have a volunteer.

The star is the last of the lights to come down.  You get an idea how tall the windmill is when you see John standing near the top.  Oh, by the way the blades have been removed from this windmill years ago but John and I would like to get it restored at some point as all the parts are here stored away.

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The star is an outline made out of metal and the string of orange lights is taped to the metal.  It is all held up with bungee cords and electrical tape.  I really have a hard even watching John do this job but he calmly goes about the business of dismantling the lights and storing them away in the Quonset for another year.

I hope you all don’t think I have forgotten you since I have posted  for a while – I just have not had anything to write about.  I have not done any sewing but have been reading another joy in my life.  I do love books in any form - the written word and audio books so cherish time that I get to read and .

Do stop in again as I have another purse/bag stewing in my head and I have been pulling fabric from my boxes trying to decide what fabrics and what design/pattern I want to use.  Remember I am giving a program on the tips and tricks of purses/bags for my quilt guild in a couple of weeks so have quite a few bags to show but would like a couple more with different techniques.  I have some samples for the program made already but need to do a few more plus make an outline of the items I want to talk about in my program in the next two weeks too.

So until later...and I hope it won’t be too much later until the next post.


Carol said...

Would love to attend your program. But afraid I am several states away. Hope someone will be taking photos and you will post. Am sure it will be very interesting and informative.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

That reminds me so much of the star that my brother made and my parents displayed on our wind "charger" when I was a kid! Great memories:)

Good luck with your program!


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