Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paducah AQS Show

Diane (friend), Jeannine (sister), Caroline (neice), Lynn (me!), Barb (sister)
Here are the 5 of us on Saturday morning just before we headed out and towards our homes.  We usually all buy a t-shirts alike but this year we purchased the same design but different colors.IMG_3265We saw beautiful quilts, did lots of shopping and enjoyed being together.  Every year I feel the time goes quicker than the last.  It is hard to savor the sights when we pack so much into each day.  IMG_3275The dogwood trees were beautiful this year as were the azaleas and other flowering bushes.  We had cool weather the entire time and one day of rain so wore our jackets most of the time while there.  Here are more of the flowers photos I took.IMG_3261
IMG_3297Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos of the flowers I took last week.  As you can tell on some of the photos there are water drops on the flowers.  It had rained off and on all day and quit just before I went out to shoot these photos.


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tich said...

These are absolutely beautiful photos! The weather is really weird this year. There is supposed to be snow in the north of Scotland at the end of the week. Brrr!


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