Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quilt Guild Mini Quilt Auction

Florabella 10"x12"
My local guild had an auction of small quilts several weeks ago and this is what I made to donate.  The guild uses the money to pay for programs and operation of the guild.  I started with a block from this book – Little Brown Bird by Margaret Docherty.IMG_2322The block on the left is the one from the book and the one on the right is how I changed it.  I decided to make a vase rather than an urn and added a few more berries.IMG_2326I fused the flowers/leaves and vase to the background then did a buttonhole stitch on the machine around all the edges.IMG_2342I added a very narrow ( 1/8”) folded orange fabric inside the one border.  I made the border wider as I wasn’t sure how wide I wanted it and knew I could cut it down after it was quilted.IMG_2367Here are a few close up photos of the quilt after it was bound.  As you can see I added another folded piece of fabric (flange) to the inside of the binding.  I really like the way the two skinny orange pieces pull the color of the flowers to the outside of the the quilt.
IMG_2702 IMG_2706 IMG_2708
It was a lot of fun to quilt and turned out just how I had imagined it.  I had it done a few days before I had to turn it over to the guild to be auctioned so got to enjoy looking at for a bit.  It now lives somewhere else and hope it is a bright spot in it's new home.


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tich said...

Your work is spectacular, as usual. what a really cute quilt. somebody must be proud to have it on their wall.


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