Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rainy Afternoon

2013-05-19-18.58On our way home this afternoon we drove in rain for a bit but when we turned east on the highway about 6 miles from home it stopped and there was a break in the clouds and this was our view. Spectacular isn't it?  Since there was no one on the highway in front or behind us we stopped for a bit and I snapped this photo with my cell phone.  The thunderheads to the east were just beautiful with the sun highlighting them. 

We made it home before the rain arrived.  The storm came from the west, as usual,  and we had a quick hard rain then it was done.  Most of our storms in the summer come from the west or south west.  Weather watching is a big thing here and everyone keeps an eye on storms and listens to the weather guys/gals as things can become dangerous rather quickly with high winds, heavy rain, hail and occasionally tornado warnings.  I make it sound like we have horrible weather…not what I mean.  I mean that here we just want to know if something is brewing in the skies and take the appropriate action.  Farmers also want to know if the weather is going to change since it affects field work, working livestock and other outside jobs.IMG_3478  The photo above was taken after we got home a few minutes later but this one was taken looking west and back at the rain coming our way.  I think I was standing out at the end of the driveway for just a few minutes when it started sprinkling so hurried back to the house.IMG_3479The heifers in the pen along the driveway had followed me and are just so curious.  They were feeling frisky because of the cooler weather and the storm coming so rushed away when I walked closer.IMG_3490Hurry, hurry so I don’t get wet….made it before the downpour.



tich said...

Gorgeous photos!

quiltonia said...

Did you get hit by any of the storms on the 27th? Toni in GI


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