Friday, April 11, 2014

Background Quilting Design

Here is a close up photo of the background quilting on my faux leather quilt “Putting Down Roots.”  I wanted something swirly and this fit the bill although it made me nervous as I knew I could not pick out any boo boos as the faux leather would show the holes.  There are places I might have stitched over again if this was regular woven fabric but now that it is all done I really don’t notice them as much.

I, like millions of other people use Pinterest to keep track of things that interest me and that I might want to refer to later.  When thinking about what quilting designs I want to use I scan my Pinterest board for ideas.  I had pinned this quilting design by Wendy Sheppard that she calls “Jester’s Hat” and thought that it might work in the sky area of this quilt.  The design moves you around the area without back stitching which is what I needed for this project.  You can find a tutorial on stitching this design on SewCalGal’s blog here.  Or on Wendy’s blog “Ivory Spring” here.  As you will see I approach the design a little differently but it has the same sort of look.  No matter what design we choose to machine quilt every quilter will have their own look and way of approaching it but it is a good to see how someone else tackles the design too.IMG_9598I am a left handed person so may stitch this differently than you right handers but this is how I start.  Follow the pictures below to see how I progress.IMG_9600
IMG_9605As you can see from my drawings I come from under the initial bumps most of the time to move onto the next motif but not always.  If I get into a corner or need to change direction I come out on top of the motif hump like the illustration above.IMG_9604You can use your finger to follow the direction I would stitch this motif.  Start at the x and keep going.  Of course this is a rather sloppy version done with marker but you get the idea I am sure.  Just because I stitched the motif this way on this quilt I might change how I stitch it the next time I use it.

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